About Cyclatron

Cyclatron is the alias I chose on SourceForge but I have no idea when I actually started using it as a nick. I think I was using the nick "Tron" through the 90's. When I couldn't use "Tron" on SF, I chose cTron.  I write software in three languages.  They are Delphi, Java, and C (if absolutely necessary).  Although I have written a disassembler for a embedded system once (college), I don't claim Assembly as a language because I'll probably  never do it again.  I have been using Delphi for years and it's still my favorite compiler. When I was forced to learn java, I thought I would hate it but ended up actually liking it (even if the tools still kinda drive me nutz at times).

I am a very private person that keeps to myself which probably is the best description of me. Although I do take "counter measures" in protecting my privacy, I am pretty honest with individual Devs because I have no reason not to be.  (to be continued..)