I definitely DON'T tweet, facebook, sms and normally don't blog. There have been many times I felt like sharing something via an general blog but had not a place to do it, so I created this place when I feel the urge. If I do, it will be here.



My New SourceForge "Dev. Web Pages"


I finally got around to developing  a new website for my SourceForge "developer web pages" space. 

You know, that not so useful webpage that always comes up when you click on the SourceForge "user" (website) link.


Well if you actually read it, you will see you can customize it.  Anyways, I don't maintain personal web space anywhere on the internet.  I don't use social networking or any of "that stuff*" for privacy reasons.  I do however use SourceForge enough to justify creating one tiny space were I could share my code, interests and thoughts.


* ("That stuff" as it is described here includes most free resources and technologies on the internet that exchange privacy for technology.  I simply don't need "that stuff" for any purpose whatsoever.  When SourceForge starts doing "That stuff" they too will be added to my list of non-essential resources.)


  • Left Field

    Blog Extension : Left Field

    I LOVE the "Left Field" and ideas that are described as "out there", radical, uncertain, and questionable in nature.  I like thinking about the implications and possibilities of such subject matter.


  • Free Ideas

    Blog Extension : Free Ideas

    Have you ever hoarded your ideas because you THINK you can make a profit off them in the future. Welp, I have had a ton of those ideas and I'm sick of thinking that way.  I have jotted down enough "good" ideas (or at least I thought so at the time) that I KNOW I will NEVER have enough time to code all of them.  So, I'm sharing them here for anyone to use for FREE.  Dime a dozen? Who knows. I'm simply tired of carrying the "mental luggage".


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