I definitely DON'T tweet, facebook, sms and normally don't blog. There have been many times I felt like sharing something via an general blog but had not a place to do it, so I created this place when I feel the urge. If I do, it will be here.



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My New SourceForge "Dev. Web Pages" Written by cyclatron 70


  • Left Field

    Blog Extension : Left Field

    I LOVE the "Left Field" and ideas that are described as "out there", radical, uncertain, and questionable in nature.  I like thinking about the implications and possibilities of such subject matter.


  • Free Ideas

    Blog Extension : Free Ideas

    Have you ever hoarded your ideas because you THINK you can make a profit off them in the future. Welp, I have had a ton of those ideas and I'm sick of thinking that way.  I have jotted down enough "good" ideas (or at least I thought so at the time) that I KNOW I will NEVER have enough time to code all of them.  So, I'm sharing them here for anyone to use for FREE.  Dime a dozen? Who knows. I'm simply tired of carrying the "mental luggage".


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