GOD, do you believe? I do. Not because of religion but because of personal (subjective) experience. In this section of my website is where I share my personal experiences and my thoughts on the subject. It is attempt to "map out" my evolving view of what I think it(God) is into model. Some of my experience involves OBE's and some super natural happenings.  Once you experience it, it's kinda hard next to impossible to deny that there is something more then is being presented by the our five senses.  Before "the happenings" which all started some where around 2007, I was kind of on the "I'm really busy with my life, but yeah I believe (in general)" boat.

Like I said, this is one person's attempt at formulating,mapping out, and building a model of a more accurate and coherent view of reality through my subjective and objective experiences.  I'm going to draw on what I've taken in through observations which may be books, media, personal experience or anything that seems to fit in my bigger picture.  I don't write bibles, belong to cult's or any religious group nor probably ever will. 

You can't believe anything written here.  Why?  Everyone has there own subjective point of view and experiences.  My experiences may be very different from another's experience.  That's why it is presented here for the benefit of others to contemplate and think about, and not blindly accept as truth.


Please DO read if..

  • Your open minded.
  • You think GOD is more then what any one religion or belief system presents.
  • Your building your own view.  There might be something here you can explore (not exploit, see copyright).

Please DON'T read if..

  • Your easily offended by views that do not jive with your own points of view. You probably already know personally if that is you.
  • Quick to defend any type of religion, I will NOT respond. I'm crafting my view, no-one else's and I'm not forcing anyone to read this material.
  • Your easily brainwashed or don't like thinking for yourself.  I think everyone will have to craft there own view individually through own their beliefs and experiences at some point.  This demands challenging what one has been told and you might find yourself going against the status quo.
  • You can't stand the fact I change my point of view.  Revisions are essential to a evolving model of anything when more accurate information is presented.  This document is subject to change anytime I feel like it.

You are welcome to "fork" your own model from pieces of my model that do hold true for you but only you will know that.

I do claim copyright over this work, since it's my view I'm building AND I do not make any claim on reference materials whom's rights I do not own.  You may not reprint this work for sale. You may "fork" ideas from this model within reason.  Building your own model is highly encouraged.



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