Soft Alterations

My Definition : A re-configuration of a software distribution in order to add functionality not originally included.

I had hard time thinking up this category. When thinking up this category I wanted a place where I could put articles that describe changing software but not necessarily compiling something and a bit more involved then just changing config files. I had SVN Portable in mind in which I used a win32 distribution of SVN to figure out some things and then added batch files to make it work.  The batch files created to make the project work could of been posted here, instead of creating a whole repository for the project.  I don't believe in creating SourceForge repositories for every code idea I get, SourceForge is already filled with "deadend" projects that waste space and won't ever be deleted.  I maintain a private local repo for that. So finally, here I will post articles, scripts, and files that legally changes software in order to get it to do something different.

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QGis Portable (Lisboa 1.8) Written by cyclatron 9783

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